Linda Carobbi

Linda is amazing!  She has been working with Savino Del Bene who are a significant International freight forwarder based in Florence, and with a global turnover of over 1.5b Euro –

Linda prides herself on being a very healthy person, and fresh produce has always had an important role in her daily life.  Before she took on her current role she had not directly worked in the sector, and now has a huge love and admiration for fresh produce and all those that work in the sector.

Together with 30 other women, Linda helped form in 2017 the Associazione Nazionale Donne dell’Ortofrutta (Italian Women Association for Fresh Produce).  This is a non-profit group of entrepreneurs and experts from all over the fresh produce supply chain united by the desire to create a network of professionals to promote ideas and projects, organise events and play an active role in the field with communication from a female perspective.  

Linda is in charge of International relationships and development, and because of this she also became a Board member of the Global Women Fresh group  Their key aim is to inspire more women to become involved in the fresh industry, and to major on their 5 key pillars being: food waste, sustainability, social impact, technology and innovation.

Watch and listen, and be inspired by Linda.

Host: Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global

Recorded May 2020


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